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Cleaning Services

Price & Payment Options

Our main priority is to assist families and businesses during their time of need. We help our community and customers during the cleanup process from beginning to end. If you are paying with insurance, our dedicated insurance specialists will help you navigate through the claims process. We will work directly with your insurance carrier to settle the claim so you can continue to focus on the important areas of your life.

Cost Estimates

Due to the unique nature of our services, our costs vary dramatically from situation to situation. We offer to come to the scene and prepare a no-obligation written assessment of our recommended treatment plan. Until we can see the specific situation, it is difficult for us to assess the severity and provide an accurate cost estimate.

Homeowner's Insurance Coverage

We cannot make any guarantees regarding your insurance coverage. However, in most circumstances homeowners insurance does cover our services. Our dedicated insurance specialists will guide you through the claims process, including providing emergency claim-setting assistance. If there is residential coverage, we work with your insurance carrier directly to settle the claim and resolve payment. You will only be responsible for your deductible.

Financial Assistance

If there is no residential insurance coverage, we offer a variety of flexible payment options. We can also assist with filing for third-party sources of funding. After reviewing the situation and preparing a written assessment of our recommended scope of work, we can estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Payment Plans: Available to all customers. Call us for more information.

  • Cash Payment Discount: Available when payment is made upon final completion of our services.

  • Victim’s Compensation Assistance: Government program that helps victims and/or their families with a variety of out-of-pocket expenses. Program eligibility and payment vary by state.

Accepted Forms of Payment​​

  • Cash

  • Credit cards

  • Checks

  • Homeowner's Insurance (if applicable)

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